RCJ 2014

An image-processing robot for RoboCup Junior

In Spring 2014, I participated in the Robocup Junior competition Flanders, category Advanced Rescue, and achieved third place. This was the second time I had participated in this competition. The year before, I had developed the winning robot, using the Dwengo microcontroller board as the brain and IR and RGB reflectance sensors as eyes.

Looking for a new a challenge, I decided to turn my attention to computer vision. I also wanted a more elegant solution to make my robot aware of its surroundings, specifically the line and color dots on the floor. So, in autumn 2013 I got my hands on a Raspberry Pi model B with the then-new camera module.

This project was a great learning experience. It introduced me to several subjects, including C++, OpenCV, the basics of image processing, SBC and microcontroller intercommunication, and power management. Below, you can see a few pictures of the rover.

The rover, built from lasercut MDF, with the Raspberry Pi model B and the Dwengo microcontroller board

The full article is available on raspberrypi.com.